Quality & Advantages

EU Montage Danmark ApS, EUM Windpower Technologies Services (Beijing) Co. Ltd, and EUM South America Servicos de Montagem Ltda., is ISO 9001 : 2008 certified. Click on the pictures above, to watch the certificates in full size, for all of our companies.

Skills and expertise

Skilled engineers, supervisors and qualified technicians, deliver our services to operators of rotating equipment.

We have profound experience with servicing small aero-derivative, heavy industrial gas turbines, wind and steam turbines, pumps, compressors, reciprocating machinery and all ancillary equipment.

Qualified supervision

EU Montage is through the strong experience of our technicians the best partner, when supervision on projects and sites is required.

All supervisors have the experience to lead and manage our employees as well as the local manpower. To be a supervisor at EU Montage, requires first of all a formal education and proven experience in the field.

As EU Montage is an international company, operating all over the world, language skills among all of our employees both operating and administrative are a must as well as a necessity. We take pride in the fact that we can send in our staff speaking, who all as a minimum can speak English. They can sometimes even speak the local language.


EU Montage’ technicians will always follow the customer’s requirements and rules for training.

Cost effectiveness

EU Montage offers a fixed hourly rate, which covers all expenses, such as:

  • Salaries
  • Social contributions
  • Insurances
  • Allowances
  • Travel expenses
  • Laptops and mobile phones for supervisors
  • PPE & Working clothes
  • Valid courses as required
  • Accommodation
  • Vehicles
  • Operations and maintenance

Service agreements

For customers in the power generation, oil & gas and renewable energy markets, we have developed contractual models to meet all scales of operation. EUM’s knowledge and experience of managing rotating equipment for our global customer base makes us an ideal partner to help you achieve your business goals. We provide a wide range of flexible agreements to align with your operational needs.

Integrated services

Depending on customer needs, EUM takes responsibility for specific operational management and maintenance services. This partnership approach integrates our rotating equipment expertise with client resources, transferring responsibility to those best equipped to mitigate risk. Through this contractual structure, you gain greater predictability of costs and asset utilization.

Individual services

Provision of defined products and services delivered by EUM on an exclusive or nonexclusive basis throughout the duration of the contract. This form of agreement provides pre-arranged terms and conditions to enhance the accuracy of your planning and budgeting process.

Health & Safety

EUM has all permits, qualifications and insurance policies in place. Our Technicians have the right education, experience and training. They are always up to date with the newest and highest required standards. We focus on our customers’ satisfaction but also do our outmost to meet any individual request. In order to be able to document our work and procedures to our customers and internally, we are certified by EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management certification.

EUM also has a Health, Safety & Environment Department (HSE) based in its head office in Denmark. All accidents and/or incidents are reported directly to the HSE department, all rules and standards are constantly monitored and updated when needed and according to our clients’ standards. Our technicians all have the Basic Safety Training, First Aid and Rescue from Hight.

EU Montage is investing in courses and new training for our technicians if certain specialized training or skills are required for special operations.