Solar Power Plants

Solar Power Plants


Project Execution


EUM’s in-house team of engineers, project managers and technicians have been involved in projects on utility scale installations of 1 MW and larger. Our in-house teams specialize in providing installation services.

EUM’s experienced in-house teams can build all installations for your projects. All EUM employees have been trained and comply with company safety protocols and programs. All EUM systems meet the electric power requirements.

Highly skilled electrical, mechanical technicians and certificated welders, EUM installs the most energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing power plant designs available in the industry. EUM’s team of experienced technicians installs turnkey rooftop and ground based systems in order to meet the demands of both our clients, strict municipal and county building specifications.

EUM’s electrical and mechanical technician teams set the frames and foundation systems for solar plant construction across Turkey and surrounding countries.



Our construction process eliminates disruption to our customers while minimizing the impact on the environment and ensuring the highest quality of workmanship available. All of our installations are inspected and graded for accuracy, quality and aesthetics before the building inspector is called to inspect the installation. Our construction experts have massive amounts of experience with building ground-mount and rooftop systems – meeting construction deadlines of customers and regulatory authorities.

Commissioning and Grid Connection


EUM is responsible for placing each solar PV system into service according to national electrical codes. This includes the connection of each system to the local utility distributor as well as the installation of disconnect switches as required by each local permitting authority.

Our experienced and certified professionals always perform each grid connection in a timely and cost effective manner. We can add value to your projects by sending the right technicians to your site!