Fields of Services

Our services include mainly Wind Turbine, Gas Turbine, Hydro Turbine and Silo & Tank industries. Wind is our area of expertise.

We also deliver to other areas such as solar power plants, conveyer systems installations, steel fabrication, general engineering.

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Quality & Advantages

Skilled engineers, supervisors and qualified technicians, deliver our services to operators of rotating equipment.

We have profound experience with servicing small aero-derivative, heavy industrial gas turbines, wind and steam turbines, pumps, compressors, reciprocating machinery and all ancillary equipment.

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We are always on the lookout for new employees. We are growing business
and we regularly need new staff.

We have high standards for our work,
so you need to be the best there is.

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About EU Montage

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EU Montage Denmark ApS (hereafter called EUM) was established in Denmark in 1994 to deliver the most qualified employees to turnkey industries and energy projects.

EUM assist our customers with specialised personnel on both large- and small scale projects or not project-oriented tasks during periods of extraordinary bustle.

Our services include mainly Wind Turbine – Gas Turbine – Hydro Turbine – Silo & Tank industries and support on large scale constructions projects. According to our customers and project specifications our technicians – supervisors – site managers – project support can operate all the stages from installation to service and maintenance within a safe, reliable and cost-effective timeframe. EUMs main goal is to provide the right experience and expertise both locally and globally.

EUM assists with specialized technicians – high-level supervisors – project management- and support or employees within ex. logistic or QHSE.

Since 1999 EUM has been a Subcontractor for all the major companies in the wind turbine industry. We deliver specialized technicians and project supervisors to wind turbine projects on- and off shore. We take care of supervisions – technicians – project management- and support of different kind with the right experience and expertise to ensure that our customers get the right employees on site. EUMs head office is located in Fredericia in Denmark. In recent years EUM has founded branch offices in other countries both in Europe and overseas.

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